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Frerard Secrets #1 [Tuesday
May 15th, 2007 11:17am]

As I suggested before, we will be doing Frerard secrets as long as we recieve entires. This is the Frerard Secrets post. For those who are unfamiliar with mcrsecrets, let me briefly explain how this whole thing works.

Basically, you have a secret involving Frerard, like this one (totally chosen randomly with an easy-to-summarize secret), which in that case is that they denied Jamia's existence because they're obsessed with Frerard. What you do is find an image (or images) related to your secret and basically write about your secret in as creative as a way as you want, on the image(s). You can browse mcrsecrets for style examples. For that secret, they did a simple Frerard image. You don't have to use a Frerard photo. The images just have to make sense to the secret. Once you have made your graphic, and it's under 800 x 600 pixels, upload it to tinypic.com to be hosted anonymously. Then, and this is important you respond to the Frerard post LIKE THIS ONE ANONYMOUSLY. COMMENTS ARE SCREENED but still, I'm sure you don't want your secret to be seen by one of us mods. Your secret will still be posted, it's just I will know who wrote it muahaha. Anyway, there will be a TWO WEEK period for submissions. Once the two weeks are up, secrets will be posted in no particular order. When they are posted, people will be able to comment about them and what not. Remember, it is your responsibility to remain anonymous.


We're working on the honor system here. We're not going to reject an image UNLESS IT USES PORNOGRAPHY. This comm has people of all ages on it and although must of us read and write slash no pornographic images.

Comment to this entry with your Frerard secrets!

Remember, all secrets must be:

  • No larger than 800 x 600
  • Uploaded to tinypic.com
  • Be exclusively about Frerard in some way, shape or form

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Comments are screened in this post, but I will respond to questions.

    ETA This post has to be public in order for anonymous comments to be posted.

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